Saturday, February 23, 2008

Heaven Is Not Up

I’ve been saying for some time that the traditional and vertical way of conceiving of heaven needs to be replaced with a more biblical and horizontal view of heaven, that heaven is a future toward which things are moving and our task is to actively anticipate that future. (I say so, for example, here.) I’ve also been saying that that future is a fleshy, physical, embodied future. (I say that here, for example.) I’ve been saying that this is what the bible says. Well, apparently N.T. Wright has been clandestinely reading my work, has stolen my ideas and has now written his own book. JK. (-: And I bet he never once acknowledges me! JKA. (-; Seriously, I’ve not yet read this new book of his, but I enthusiastically recommend it strictly on the basis of his previously published works. In a future post, maybe I’ll take up some of these issues as they are, quite obviously, near and dear to holy skin and bone! (Thanks are due Keith DeRose for the link to the Wright interview. Thanks, Keith.)

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