Monday, February 25, 2008

One Hell Of A Week!

H-SAB is taking its dog and pony show over to the other side of the pond this week. Today Jason Clark (leader of Emergent UK) is hosting a conversation b/w yours truly, one pseudonymously named Gregory MacDonald and Justin Thacker. We’ll be discussing a topic that landed me in hot sulfur a couple of years ago—HELL! GM and I will be defending the claim that universalism—the view that eventually all are reconciled to God—is compatible with orthodox Christian faith. Justin will be taking exception to the way GM and I frame the issue on Jason’s site —i.e., in terms of whether or not the two are compatible. Justin will be urging us instead to try to make a case for, and thereby convince him that, universalism is true and taught in the bible. (But, alas, Justin doesn’t think we’d be successful.) Should be one hell of a good time!!! So stop over at Jason’s virtual digs and jump in!!! Here’s the schedule: GM today. Me tomorrow. Justin on Wednesday.

Peace, Love and Eternal Damnation. --Kevin

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